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Concept is the software that optimises processes at all stages of processing. It consists of several modules to fulfil every business function quickly and easily.


The Industry 4.0 concept allows you to leverage digital innovation to make your business more competitive.

Support Center

You and us, together

Our Application Consultants are at your disposal to enable you to use the software to its full potential and make your company more competitive.

Concept is the management software
to digitise your metalworking company

Dedicated to sheet metal, metalworking and carpentry companies, it innovatively integrates all company processes, from quotation to production, in a single reliable and easy-to-use system.
Its modular structure makes it perfect for companies of all sizes: specific functions can be fulfilled by purchasing individual modules.

of Concept

Graphical interface
A user-friendly and intuitive graphical interface, designed based on Office. Instantly familiar.
Easy to use
All data are linked together automatically. You don't have to do a single thing and you can easily find what you are looking for!
Built-in Messaging
You can send and receive emails, faxes or internal messages. Share information, both internally and externally.
Document Archive
Manage all documents and details concerning Sales, Purchasing and Work Accounts in an organised way. Attach any document.
CAD/CAM integration
Integrated with the most popular 3D CAD/CAM/CAD systems, it enhances their capabilities automatically. From drawing to production, in the blink of an eye.
Final balances
Clearly analyse your budget by creating automatic billing statements. Straightforward, real-time data collection system.

Simple Solutions for Complex Challenges

Concept erp

Discover the Concept family’s most comprehensive suite. It contains all the fundamental modules for integrated performance of the most diverse business functions, from quotation to delivery.

Concept mes

Timekeeping in the workshop becomes simple! Product sheet with barcode, real-time data reading, continuous flow between administration and production.

Concept wms

The software for automated and simplified warehouse management enables the management of logistic flows to ensure immediate traceability of materials, finished products and their certificates.

Concept crp

Create your quotations quickly by integrating the latest software and satisfying every need with the creation of customised calculation formulas.

Concept rtc

Clear and immediate calculations? Understand the situation in detail with concept rtc. Data processing, automatic calculation of costs and earnings.

Concept kpi

Accelerate your business and address the need to have under control critical data to run your business, every day and with no waste of time or mistakes.

Concept web

Real-time answers to your customers.
Concept / WEB is the portal where you can finally locate all the orders and the status of each item during the different steps of the process.

Concept box

The server certified by Azerouno that allows you to obtain maximum performance from your management system and can grow with your company.

Concept hardware

Implement Concept with dedicated tools, specially designed for you, to allow you to independently manage your every activity.

Concept integrates seamlessly
with the most popular types of CAD/CAM software

Concept is a highly innovative software designed to integrate seamlessly with the most popular CAD/CAM systems for sheet metal working and 3D CAM for tube and profile cutting. By interacting with specific functions, it optimises performance.
So you have everything you need in a single environment.

Azerouno Support Center
You and us, together

Concept is the result of an ongoing dialogue between Azerouno and companies in the sheet metal cutting, carpentry and engineering industry. Our Application Consultants are at your disposal to enable you to use the software to its full potential and make your company more competitive.

Our Customer Care service is directly integrated within the software and guarantees you immediate assistance to all your questions.

From a 3D design to a bill of materials
one click away from production

Concept integrates seamlessly with the most popular 3D CAD and PDM and their specific functions. Performance is optimised and extended and you will find everything you need in one place, easily accessible at any time.

7.000+ users use our solutions every day

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